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200225-hydroxyvitamin D 1α-hydroxylase gene expression : regulation by dietary P and parathyroid hormoneChau, Tsui-shan
2002Accounting for bridge dynamic loads using moving force identification system (MFIS)Yu, Ling
2002Adhesion study of thermosetting powder resin to metal surfacesWu, Chi-kwan
2002Adoption and adaptation of digital photogrammetry in a Hong Kong survey practiceHo, Chi-ho Eddie
2002Advanced RAKE receivers for W-CDMATantikovit, Sukvasant
2002Aerodynamic and vibroacoustic noise of small axial-flow fans : analysis and controlChong, Tat-lung
2002Agent framework for software quality assurancePoon, Connie
2002Analysis and comparison of C&D materials generated from different residential building construction technologies in Hong KongYan, Wai-yee Becky
2002An analysis of accessibility measures for school trip in Hong Kong by using geographic information systems (GIS)Ma, Ming-lai
2002An analysis of Australian tourists' satisfaction levels with hotel services in ChinaLaw, Sing-wai Anson
2002An analysis of important factors affecting Shanghai residents' selection of a travel agency for domestic tourismZhu, Wei Rong Phoenix
2002Application of duality principle to power-factor-correction convertersLau, Kwok-hung
2002Application of the Internet GIS on hiking routes in Hong KongChan, Yun-lock Luke
2002An architecture for web-based distributed product data managementLeong, Ka-kuan
2002Artificial intelligence in portfolio managementWong, Chi-cheong
2002Asset maintenance strategy : the effect of asset specificity on the relational norm of networking with technical service agentsHui, Yun-yee Encon
2002Attitudes of the Hong Kong contractors towards the implementation of environmental management systemLeung, Ka-fai Kelvin
2002Base isolated structures : a view on reliability and affordabilityWan, Tak-wan
2002The bifurcation analysis of thick-walled hollow cylinders by a semi-analytical approach under different internal and external pressuresWong, Shun-man
2002Biological nitrous oxide production from landfill operationLee, Chun-man