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2006Characterization of sensory comfort of apparel productsHu, Junyan
2006Characterization of the molecular action of ginsenoside Rg1Lau, Wai-sum
2006Characterization of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in emissions from industrial sourcesChu, Kam-wah
2006Chinese medicine based on radix puerariaeYang, Dajian
2006Clinical evaluation of newly designed spinal orthosis for the high thoracic curve of the patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS)Chan, Kwok-chu
2006Cognitive rehabilitation programme for persons with traumatic brain injury : development and evaluationDou, Zulin
2006Collaborative action research in child health promotion : a school nursing experienceWu, Sau-ting Cynthia
2006Combining a room air conditioner and a standalone room air dehumidifier for better indoor thermal comfort condition and higher energy efficiencySze, Wing-hong
2006Comfort and mechanical function of compression stockingsLiu, Rong
2006Compare the effects of cognitive task on older community fallers and non-fallers in stepping down activityLee, Yin-tak
2006Comparison of plantar pressure distribution patterns between foot orthoses provided by CAD-CAM and foam impression methodsKi, Sum-wai
2006Comparison of solar racing cart and solar charging stationPun, Hau-chau
2006Comparison of trunk muscle activity between exercises performed on a gym ball and on a plinthLeung, Yau-man Calson.
2006Competency-based approach on human resource management : its profile matching for police forceChan, Tak-sum Eric
2006A compliance study of the patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis to orthotic interventionCheng, Wing-yiu
2006Computational and experimental analysis of the use of lower-limb prostheses : concerning comfort, structural design and gait performanceLee, Chiu-chun Winson
2006Control and optimization of wastewater treatment process in a paper manufacturing plantTam, Chung-yuen
2006CO₂/epoxide coupling reactions and thiirane desulphurization with Ru-Mn bimetallic complex, manganese carbonylates, and PPN saltsSit, Wing-nga
2006A critical analysis on the fire safety aspects of furnitureHan, Shousuo
2006Critical factors for the selection of Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE) and Joint Venture (JV) as the entry mode of construction market in ChinaFung, Kai-lok