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201128-Gbaud 16-QAM transmitter design based on FPGAWei, Qi
2011Active confinement of concrete by prestressingZheng, Zijian
2011Activities of cortical motor neurons trigger electrical stimulation of lower motor neurons in the spinal cordLi, Yan
2011Adaptive mobile GIS and applicationsShea, Yu-kai Geoffrey
2011Adaptive traffic light control in wireless sensor network-based Intelligent Transportation SystemZhou, Binbin
2011Advance directives and life-sustaining treatment : attitudes of Hong Kong Chinese elders with chronic diseaseTing, Hung Fion
2011Advanced bitstream switching techniques for H.264 video streaming and multi-view videoLai, Ki-kit
2011Advanced models for transit network design and operation under uncertaintiesZhang, Yuqing
2011Agrarian change in an east Chinese villageJiang, Hongda
2011Air ventilation assessment of typical Hong Kong residential buildingsHou, Ying
2011Alterations of Endothelin-1 expression in rat's abdominal aorta in response to the changes of blood pressureLiang, Xiaozhe
2011Aluminium nitride nanowires for electronic and photonic applicationsHui, Yeung-yu
2011Analysis and monitoring of PM2.5 particle pollution in Hong KongWang, Jingzhi
2011Analysis of Hong Kong real estate investment trusts on asset portfolio performanceZhang, Weiya
2011An analysis of publications in leading tourism journalsTian, Ye
2011Analysis of spatial distribution of heavy metal pollution in Hong Kong Island by using an integrated interpolation methodHuang, Chao
2011Analyzing the building services maintenance data of a hotelChau, Ho-yung
2011Annual energy consumption comparison between variable air volume system and liquid desiccant based air conditioning systemFeng, Qinghua
2011Application of BOTDA technology for measurement of the performance of bored pilesHuang, Di
2011Application of Building Information Model (BIM) in building thermal comfort and energy consumption analysisLi, Yiye