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20181,3-propanediol and caproate co-production through glycerol fermentation and carboxylate chain elongation in mixed cultureLeng, Ling
2018The acquisition and processing of relative clauses : experimental evidence from MandarinYang, Wenchun
2018Active management of distribution systems with distributed energy resourcesLi, Jiayong
2018Adaptation of extrapolation techniques in the proximal gradient algorithm and an iteratively reweighted l₁ algorithmYu, Peiran
2018The adoption of laser micro-cutting and heating in ultra-precision machining processHan, Jide
2018Advanced analysis and design of steel structures with tapered membersBai, Rui
2018Advanced SiC power devices with enhanced switching performance based on numerical simulationsZhang, Meng
2018Advanced topologies and modulation schemes for high-efficiency operation of dual-active-bridge series-resonant DC-DC converterYaqoob, Muhammad
2018Advertising slogans adaptation: a cross-cultural comparison of Chinese and American advertising slogans based on the concepts of high-context and low-context culturesPan, Lingxia
2018Aerodynamic characteristics and optimal pitch control of high-solidity straight-bladed vertical axis wind turbinesPeng, Yixin
2018Age-invariant face recognition based on deep neural networkXiao, Jun
2018Aging effect on audiovisual integrative processing in spatial discrimination taskZou, Zhi
2018All optical fiber photothermal spectroscopic sensors for high sensitivity gas detectionTan, Yanzhen
2018Ammonium transport and reduction in deionization cell integrated anaerobic treatment and solid oxide fuel cells as a net energy producerXu, Linji
2018Analysis of age-structured population growth for single speciesLiu, Kaihui
2018Analysis of lightning protection systems for radio base stations using the PEEC methodChen, Hongcai
2018Analysis of the techno-economic performance of the rooftop photovoltaic system in a university library buildingLi, Chuangyi
2018The analysis on public environmental investment : a comparison between P.R.C. and U.S.A.Jia, Yuanning
2018Analysis on the energy saving potential of tubular daylight devices in Hong KongZhang, Yuxiang
2018Analyzing liner shipping operations with bigger ships and larger alliances : theory and practiceWu, Xiaofan