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2019A 3D GIS-based valuation system for assessing the scenic view in residential property valuationsHuang, Juan
2019Accumulated effective optical flow feature for micro-expression recognitionLi, Junxian
2019Accuracy assessment for spatiotemporal data fusionLiang, Zicong
2019Accuracy enhancement of land vehicle positioning using digital mapXia, Chenrui
2019Acid/base catalytic conversion of polysaccharide-rich food wasteChen, Si
2019Acoustically driven air vibration in cavity and its application to sound barriersNg, Ho Ting
2019Action recognition : improvements for spatio-temporal laplacian pyramid codingGong, Chenhui
2019Action recognition using deep learning modelsLiu, Peng
2019Active control of the sound radiation from a finite line source using novel directional secondary sourcesHu, Qi
2019Acute effects of whole-body vibration on spastic hypertonia in patients with chronic strokeHuang, Meizhen
2019An adaptive degrees-of-freedom multi-physics numerical model for analysis and design of nanofluid-filled power transformersZhang, Yunpeng
2019Adaptive optimal monthly peak building demand limiting strategy considering load uncertaintyXu, Lei
2019Additive manufacturing-driven design and fabrication of nanocomposite sensing units for ultrasonics-based structural health monitoringPan, Dongyue
2019Adoption of green building technologies in Ghana : development of a model of green building technologies and issues influencing their adoptionDarko, Amos
2019Advanced control strategies of renewables supporting power system operationLyu, Xue
2019Advanced phase detection in surface plasmonic microscopyChow, Wai Kin
2019Advocacy in social work practice and education in Hong Kong : how can it be learnt?Cheung, Kin Sum
2019Age-invariant face recognition for high resolution face imagesKong, Minna
2019Aggregation kinetics of gold-DNA (Au-DNA) nanoparticles in aquatic environmentsDeng, Zhiying
2019Air logistics operations : cabin crew scheduling and risk analysisWen, Xin