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2022Complexity-based optimization of cartographic design for multi-scale image-map generationPeng, Qian
2022Computer-aided diagnosis of colour retinal imagingZhao, Ruohan
2022Computer-supported collaborative learning : predicting teamwork performance in collaborative project-based learningLin, Hoi Yan
2022Consumers’ information searching behavior of channel integration for new retailing enterprisesGuo, Shujun
2022A corticomuscular coherence (CMC)-electromyography (EMG)-based brain computer interface (BCI) for wrist-hand rehabilitation after strokeGuo, Ziqi
2022Data analytics for improving shipping efficiency : models, methods, and applicationsYan, Ran
2022Data-efficient, memory-effective, and shape priors-constrained learning for segmenting medical imagesSong, Youyi
2022Deep learning for facial image analysis and recognitionLai, Shun Cheung
2022Deep speaker embedding for robust speaker verificationTu, Youzhi
2022Design and fabrication of few-mode fibers for space-division multiplexing in optical communicationsWang, Zhuo
2022Design and optimization of tunable damper with coulomb and electromagnetic shunt dampingSun, Ruqi
2022Design education : an investigation into how it improves idea generationOustamanolakis, Michail
2022Design of lanthanide supramolecular architecturesYim, King Him
2022Designing and understanding of extra-framework species in metal-organic frameworksXue, Qi
2022Detecting and assessing older adults' stressful interactions with the built environment : an elderly-centric and wearable sensing-based approachTorku, Alex
2022Determinants of project success for international construction joint ventures in GhanaTetteh, Mershack Opoku
2022Development and pilot evaluation of a web-based psychoeducation program for people with pathological dissociationFung, Hong Wang
2022Development of a computer vision model for quality inspection in textile industryMo, Dongmei
2022Development of a soft continuum robot system for surgical blood suctionLai, Jiewen
2022Development of advanced spectrally selective coating for the application of energy-efficient windowsShen, Boxu