Author: Wong, Kit Cheung Paul
Title: An empirical study of the key success factors of leveraging the technology-organization-environment framework to examine the adoption of blockchain based service platforms in the greater bay area
Advisors: Cheng, Edwin (LMS)
Degree: DFinTech
Year: 2022
Subject: Blockchains (Databases) -- Industrial applications -- China
Business enterprises -- Technological innovations -- China
Business enterprises -- Data processing -- China -- China
Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Department: Faculty of Business
Pages: xiv, 185 pages : illustrations
Language: English
Abstract: Under the one country two systems three currencies regime, the Greater Bay Area is a unique yet a complex city cluster environment as it entails different governmental bodies, multinational corporations, private enterprises, small and medium companies, financial institutions, educational facilities, expatriates, local people and more. Currently, many GBA businesses that conduct cross-border activities are facing different kinds of challenges due to those differences. With the advancement of technology and China’s approval on Blockchain, it becomes feasible to investigate whether digital transformation could improve cross-border information efficiency to meet the future GBA growth. Leveraging the Technology Organization Environment framework, this study intends to identify and confirm the key success factors that enhance the adoption of a secure and trust Blockchain-based service platform as solution to solve the GBA issues. An ethnographic study was conducted to validate the relationship between the key success factors and the service platform adoption. In addition, two case studies, the digital signature solution for a professional organization (Society) and the NFT trading platform for a Specialty Trading Company, were deployed. This research is the first empirical study that explores the viability and applicability of a Blockchain-based service platform under a real-life business environment. The outcome demonstrated that Blockchain is the emerging technology which can be the cornerstone to solve GBA cross-border business issues. In particular, this study offers theoretical contribution to the literature and practical implications where more efforts on government’s support and regulation change are still required if GBA is determined to become an innovation-based region by 2035.
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