Author: Li, Xuran Ivan
Title: Environmental and economical analysis in electricity market planning and management
Degree: Ph.D.
Year: 2013
Subject: Electric industries -- Environmental aspects.
Electric industries -- Economic aspects.
Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Department: Department of Electrical Engineering
Pages: 224 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 30 cm.
Language: English
Abstract: The electricity industry around the world has been experiencing significant reforms at an unprecedented pace in its history. Due to the fundamental reforms of the electric power industry, novel electricity market planning and management methods are therefore needed in this open deregulated environment. Furthermore, growing concerns about environmental issues have led to the establishment of many energy and environmental policies, of which the most relevant ones are those derived from the Kyoto Protocol for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions as well as those promoting renewable energies. Separate and evolving public policy debates are currently shaping electricity market, carbon market, and renewable market without paying adequate attentions to how each market affects the others, though the markets have overlapping goals with respect to the global economic and environmental benefits. The objectives of this thesis are to address these notoriously problems, and develop several essential electricity market management and analysis models in two main aspects. The first aspect aims at gaining insightful knowledge of price schemes in deregulated electricity markets. As the nowadays electricity market is closely associated with other commodity markets such as fuel market and carbon market, electricity price is volatile and accurate price forecasting model are in great need for market operators. Besides, problems relating to the management and operation of reactive power are actually arising under the trend towards decentralised production of renewable resources. In order to procure reactive support competitively from the markets, it is necessary to quantify the price of the reactive power source output. Based on the outcomes of the first aspect, the second aspect studies the impacts of emission trading on the operation of electricity markets from either generation companies or market operators' point of view. These studies include the consideration of multimarket environment and renewable energy support schemes. Revolving around these two aspects, the following topics regarding electricity market management and analysis are discussed and investigated in the thesis. 1. Day-ahead electricity price forecasting based on panel cointegration and particle filter 2. A novel value based reactive power procurement scheme in electricity markets 3. Impacts of emission trading schemes on GENCO's decision under multimarket environment 4. Impacts of emission trading and renewable energy support schemes on electricity market operation 5. Multimarket analysis of GENCOs' operations considering emission trading and renewable energy support schemes. In summary, the research reported in this thesis provides a composite framework for environmental and economical analysis in electricity market planning and management. It covers price schemes in deregulated electricity markets for both electricity active power and reactive power, and also impacts of emission trading on the operation of electricity markets. Further studies are expected to explore reactive power management considering emission trading scheme and wind power uncertainties. This research is finished with nine journals papers and ten conference papers produced.
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