Author: Sun, Peiyi
Title: A study of vertical fire spread in multi-storey buildings of balcony depth
Advisors: Usmani, Asif Sohail (BSE)
Degree: M.Eng.
Year: 2018
Subject: Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Flame spread
Fire prevention
Department: Department of Building Services Engineering
Pages: viii, 65 pages : color illustrations
Language: English
Abstract: Most of the fire disasters are started from a room fire and then ejected from an opening window propagating vertically along the building fa├žade. Balcony depth is one of the parameters which can influence vertical traveling fire. This study was assessed the vertical fire resistance ability of the building with 0.0-meter balcony, 0.5-meter balcony, 1.0-meter balcony. PyroSim was used to conduct the simulation experiment. The model simulated the process from a compartment fire to the fire traveled along the exterior wall. Temperature and heat flux of the external wall was outputted directly by the software. The time used for fire developing to upper floor was accessed by the time need for the upper floor's window falling out. Based on the conclusion in previous researches, the window has the high possibility of falling out until the heat flux of the window reaches 35kW/m2. Longer time for window fall out indicates better fire resistance ability. The results outputted from simulation experiment indicated that the balcony with 1.0-meter depth had the best fire resistance ability compared with two depths. There was one special result. The heat flux of the area below the balcony increased with 0.5-meter balcony and decreased with 1.0-meter balcony. This phenomenon was explained by the theory that wider balcony could enlarge the flame slope angle, which means the highest temperature of flame is far away from the exterior wall. Considering the 1.0-meter balcony has better fire resistance ability and fewer side effects to the burning room, it is recommended to the building with the balcony that the balcony depth should not be less than 1.0 meter.
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