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2020Electrochemical replication and transfer: principle, fabrication, and applicationsLu, Xi
2006Electrodeposition of Ni-SiC composites by different shaped current waveforms and magnetic fieldHu, Fei
2014Electromagnetic damping and energy harvesting devices in civil structuresShen, Wenai
1999Electromagnetic field analysis of induction motors by finite element method and its application to phantom loadingFu, Wei-nong
2020Electromagnetic transient analysis for lightning strikes on a grounded structureDing, Yuxuan
1999Electrospray Ag (I) cationization mass spectrometryNg, Kwan-ming
2014Electrospun carbon nanofibers/nanotubes for Li-based batteriesChen, Yuming
2020Electrospun one-dimensional carbon-based nanomaterials for energy applicationHu, Jing
2015Electrospun TiO₂-based nanomaterials for energy storageLi, Xiaoyan
2005Electrosynthesis of molecularly imprinted polymer films on quartz crystal microbalances for the detection of some biomoleculesHong, Shuangjin
2019An embodied approach to the analysis and design of interactive ambient mediaTan, Liang
2007Emergent use of enterprise systems by employees : exploring the human sideWang, Wei
2007Emission characterizations from major indoor sources and carbonyls investigation in four Chinese mega-citiesWang, Bei
2018Emotion analysis from textLi, Minglei
2013Emotion in decision making during the design process for undergraduate studentsHo, Amic Garfield
2010Emotional design for hotel stay experiences : research on guest emotions and design opportunitiesLo, Kathy Pui-ying
2017Emotional encounters with food in the tourism contextJi, Mingjie
2017Emotional voices and acculturation : a dialogical examination of role of fashion discourses in the (re)configuration of local and migrant consumer identitiesLam, Man Lok
2018Empathy or forgiveness? Why some subordinates endure abusive supervision?Tung, Wai Kit Edward
2015Empirical analysis of body constitution and food intake in persons with type 2 diabetes mellitus from a perspective of traditional Chinese medicineWong, Yee Chi Peggy