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2019A general and unified theory of flux-modulated electric machines and its application to innovation of machine topologiesChen, Yiduan
2011General causality orientations, work motivation and perceived service quality in high-contact service environmentsTang, Wai Sang
2022Generalizable deep learning for structural health monitoring : from graph formulation to domain adaptationChen, Sixin
2002Generalized convexity in optimizationYang, Xinmin
2012Generalized form characterization of ultra-precision freeform surfaces using an invariant feature-based pattern analysisRen, Mingjun
2005Generalized Newton-type methods and their applicationsLing, Chen
2000Generalized pseudo-excitation method and its application for vibration control of wind/seismic resistant buildingsZhang, Wenshou
2022Generalizing oversampling methods from euclidean space data to graph structured data for the class imbalance problemLiu, Yongxu
2003Generation and kinetic characterization of hybrid beta-lactamasesLiu, Hongbing
2015Generation Y's perception and involvement in homestay programmes : a case study of Kampung Sarang Buaya, Muar, Johor, MalaysiaKamisan, Bin Pusiran
2018Generational differences in the perceived hospitality culture, hospitality job characteristics and job satisfaction on intention to leave and intention to stay in Hong Kong hotel industryYip, Wai-lam Lawrence
2004Generic methodology for the design and development of a responsive product development systemLee, Ka-man
2004Genetic algorithm for optimal capacitor selection and optimal power flow with facts devicesLeung, Ho-chung
2012A genetic epidemiological study of myopia : identification of myopia susceptibility genesYiu, Wai Chi
2019Genetic mechanism of enhanced virulence in mycobacterium tuberculosis strain isolated from patient with tuberculosis meningitisRajwani, Rahim
2019Genome-based insights into the characteristics of anammox bacteria for nitrogen removal from wastewaterJi, Xiaoming
2021Genomic analysis elucidating celluloysis of chemical enhanced primary sludge in anaerobic digestion toward crabon neutral sewage treatment in Hong KongZhuang, Huichuan
2019Genomic analysis of the diversity, virulence and antimicrobial resistance in clinical klebsiella pneumoniae from ChinaDong, Ning
2018Genre, multimodality and marketized university discourse : a diachronic analysis of university annual reports in Hong KongDeng, Yi
2020A genre-based multi-dimensional analysis of English academic writing: the case of mainland ChinaHu, Haipeng