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2018Holistic integration for children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder in their school life with inter-professional collaborationChan, Kwok Luen Adam
2023Hollow-core fiber assisted high sensitivity spectroscopic gas sensingChen, Feifan
2014Home bias, investor sentiments and international portfolio managementChiang, Hsin Eric
2023Homogeneous and heterogeneous photodegradation of naphthalene and 1-naphthol in water by iron-catalystsSo, Hiu Lam
2019Homojunction and heterostructure engineering on zinc and copper sulfides for enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen evolution from waterLiu, Wei
2004Hong Kong fashion in a social and cultural contextNg, Yuet-ming Judyanna
2016Hong Kong higher diploma program : a study on competency requirements of hotel front office operation staffTsang, Man Fai Dennis
2018Hong Kong's development as a cruise port destination : an investigation of stakeholder alignmentSu, Yu Tien
2005Hong Kong's film industry : a path to enter the global market in the new centuryLee, Philip
2015Hospitality higher education : an exploratory study of students' learning experience during overseas internshipLui, Wing Yin
2006Host genetic risk factors and susceptibility to tuberculosis in Hong Kong ChineseLeung, Kim-hung
2014Hotel development under urbanization in ChinaLuo, Jian Ming
2017Hotel revenue management integration in Asia an organizational behaviour perspectiveJenjuabjit, Suporn
2012Hotel websites as corporate communicationSuen, On Yi
2018House M.D. and creativity : a corpus linguistic systemic functional multimodal discourse analysis approachLaw, Lok Hei
2013Housing settlement for migrant workers in China : a case study of ShenzhenTao, Li
2012How am I supposed to live without you : an investigation of antecedents and consequences of workplace ostracismXu, Hanhua
2015How can prior visual experience modulate cross auditory-spatial learning in blind individuals?Tao, Qian
2020How children design : observational study of children's design processLo, Kwok Yin Angelina
2021How Chinese elderly consumers respond to social media marketingCher, Chi Yuen Terence