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2018The level of greenwashing and cost of equity capitalChalwati, Amna
2021Leveraging deep representations in layered neural networks for domain adaptationMao, Sitong
2017Leveraging selective revealing strategies and team sharing on enhancing innovativeness of small-medium enterprise logistics service providers in Hong KongIp, Ching Loi
2008Lexical aspect and L1 influence on the acquisition of English verb tense and aspect among the Hong Kong secondary school learnersHong, Wai-mun
2015A lexical semantic study of Chinese oppositesDing, Jing
2015Lexical triggers for implicit contrastive propositions : the cases of Mandarin benlai, Da+NP+de and othersZhang, Xue
2013LiDAR intensity correction and its study on wetland classificationDing, Qiong
2017Life cycle assessment of recycled construction materials : methodology framework development and results evaluationHossain, Mohammad Uzzal
2021Life cycle multi-criteria decision analysis for sustainability prioritization under multiple conditionsLin, Ruojue
2008The life cycle of hotel general manager in Hong KongLiu, Ngai-wing
2015Life cycle optimization of flexible pavement design and management based on the principles of sustainabilityChong, Dan
2014Life experiences of young migrant workers in Shenzhen : implications for social work practiceLiang, Jianqiang
2018A life story approach to studying the resilience and recovery processes of single parents with depressive symptoms in Hong KongYung, Kwok-fung
2013Light absorption broadening and exciton diffusion length enhancement for organic solar cellsWang, Jingchuan
2007Light extraction enhancement on GaN based LEDs using laser assisted debonding and electrodeless photochemical etchingChan, Chung-pui
2014Light intensity-based wearable polymer optical fiber (POF) sensors : design, fabrication and characterizationZheng, Wei
2021Lightning protection for large-scale photovoltaic systemsZhang, Yang
2013Lightning surges on vertical structuresWang, Xinghua
2007Lightning-induced impulse magnetic fields in high-rise buildingsZhou, Qibin
2011Lightpath affiliation graph wavelength assignment approach for mesh WDM network planningWoo, Ka-chung Andrew