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2004Synthesis of novel chiral P-Phos derivative for asymmetric catalysis and development of air-stable and recyclable chiral catalyst systemsLam, Kim-hung
2002Synthesis of novel chiral phosphinite, phosphite and phosphinous amide ligands and their applications on the asymmetric catalytic reactionsGuo, Rongwei
2004Synthesis of polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) from excess activated sludgeHu, Wenfeng
2013Synthesis of Pt and Pt-based electrocatalysts for direct liquid fuel cellsZheng, Fulin
2019Synthesis of SmCo for 3D components by metal-organic compoundsHuang, Junfeng
2020Synthesis of two-dimensional layered materials for electrocatalysis and photodetection applicationsMak, Chun Hin
2018Synthesis of ultra-low Pt loading catalysts for direct liquid fuel cellsLuk, Sin Yee
2020Synthesis, biological evaluation, femtosecond broadband time-resolved fluorescence and transient absorption study on 8-hydroxyquinoline derivativesChung, Po Yee
2007Synthesis, characterization and application of smart magnetic core-shell polymeric particlesHo, Kin-man Edmond
2008Synthesis, characterization and applications of amphiphilic core-shell particles with polyvinylamine-based shellsLi, Weiying
2016Synthesis, characterization and photophysical studies of triazine-based lanthanide(III) β-diketonate complexesLo, Wai Sum
2018Synthesis, characterization, and applications of smart and biomimetic textile materials for manipulation of liquidWang, Yuanfeng
2018Synthesis, characterization, and catalytic properties of some transition metal-doped nickel phosphide nanoparticlesMan, Ho Wing
1999Synthetic and catalytic studies of some new chiral PN ligands and (S)-BINOL derivativesTong, Siu-kuen
2009System design for wireless sensor networksCheng, Chi-tsun
2010System dynamics identification through element flow reasoningTang, Chi-shing
2006A system for assessing and communicating contractors' competitivenessLu, Weisheng
2014A system monitoring model by examining entity dynamicsWang, Lei
2010System study and design of a multi-probe mission for planetary in-situ analysisWeiss, Peter Simon
2005A systematic approach to location selection for shopping mall projectsYu, Ling