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2015User-centric query optimization over web data servicesLi, Yu
2011Using a Neural-Fuzzy modeling approach for intelligent process control of manufacturing Perpendicular Magnetic Recording headsFok, Ka-keung
2016Using a smartphone app to aid training for high quality chest compression : a mixed method studyCheung, Hor Wan Annemarie
2018Using alkali-activated slag ferrocement to strengthen corroded reinforced concrete columnsFang, Shuai
2019Using gaze-directed oculomotor training to enhance reading-related oculomotor skills and Chinese characters recognition for children with neuromuscular diseasesWong, Mei Sheung Louisa
2023Using high-resolution peripheral quantitative computed tomography to study the long bone structural changes after stroke : a longitudinal studyOuyang, Huixi
2002Using mathematical models to predict and control the dimensional properties of plain knitted wool fabricsChen, Qihong
2018Using spinal flexibility to predict the initial in-orthosis correction on the patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosisHe, Chen
2023Using stratification to measure price growth of non-fungible tokens : focusing on land in metaversesCheng, King Hin
2016Utilization of eye care services among people with physical disability in Hong KongChan, Tin Yan Rufina
2015Utilization of fruit waste materials for Cr(III) biosorption and fungal biomass for As(V) biosorptionLam, Yan Yan
2015Utterance partitioning for supervector and i-vector speaker verificationRao, Wei
2003UV excimer laser and low temperature plasma treatments of polyamide materialsYip, Yiu-wan Joanne
2003Validating a unit-based learning progress report as an alternative method of progress assessment for distance learners in higher educationNiu, Jian
2013Validation of an instrument for measuring the emotional intelligence of adolescent in Hong KongKo, Suk Lan Flora
2023Validation of CT-identified intracranial arterial calcification as a novel imaging biomarker for reperfusion therapy of ischemic stroke patients : serial hospital-based clinical researchDu, Heng
2018Valorisation of carbohydrate-rich food waste for synthesis of hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF)Yu, Ka Ming
2022Valorising polysaccharide-rich waste into value-added chemicals in green solventsDutta, Shanta
2007A valuation model of research and development investments and expendituresPun, Po-ping Betty
2021Value co-creation in mobile payment : analysing destination stakeholders through means-end chain approachTangit, Tania Maria