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2020Trends of summer PM₂.₅ and its components during 2013-2017 in China: the effects of meteorological changes and emission reductionsLi, Hongyi
2001Trouble call system in power utilityWong, Hin Wah
2019True stress-strain characteristic of s275 and s690 steel materialsLiang, Zi-hao
2022TSPM-CNN based power system transient stability analysis using a new data extraction methodZhou, Jiaqi
1999The tug of work and family : work interference with family and family interference with workFu, Ka-mun Carmen
2015Tunable plasmonic devices in gold/dielectric nanostructuresNg, Ki Fung
2004Tuned dynamic absorber using non-linear stiffnessWong, Wai-lun
2002Turbo coding for mobile radio applicationsQi, Feng
2000The turbulent wake of two side-by-side circular cylindersYiu, Man-wah
2004Turn-of-the-year-effect in Asian stock marketsHa, Lin-tat
1997Turnover behaviour of the executive grade, Hong Kong GovernmentYung, Shan-man Connie
2003Two essays in seasoned equity offeringsChing, Man-lai Ken
2022Two essays on social media in organizationZhang, Miaomiao
1996Two heads are better than one : a new model of team teaching in ESP classes in a Hong Kong Technical InstituteTang, Thomas Ming-keung
2023Two selected topics in durable goods marketing strategy from the perspectives of depreciation and maintenanceYang, Hongru
2020Two studies on improving the efficiency of vaccine supply chainPan, Yuqing
2023Two studies on the artificial intelligence investments of firms, efficiency enhancement and spillover effect in supply chainMiao, Shucheng
2021Two studies on user-generated content in online platforms : review valence, self-presentation, and sales performanceLiu, Fuzhen
2000Two variational problems in classical differential geometryWong, Chong-yung
2006A two-phase approach to solve manpower scheduling and task assignment problem in aircraft maintenance industryWang, Yingna