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2023Understanding the biofunction of RNA G-quadruplexes in human cells with the novel fluorescent binding ligandsChan, Ka Hin
1996Understanding the variables that affect the effectiveness of centre-in-charges in children and youth centresChoi, Chung-fai
2018Understanding user engagement level during tasks via facial responses, eye gaze and mouse movementsKwok, Cho Ki
1997Understanding users' attributes in the development of management information systemsWong, Pik-wa Linda
2022Unet-DenseNet for robust far-field speaker verificationGao, Zhenke
2002A unified approach for steel and composite beams with web openingsKo, Chi-hang
2005Unified feature analysis in multiple compressed domainsAu, Ka-man
1994Unit commitment by the lagrangian relaxation methodWong, Po-wah
2001Unit IPOs : an offer mechanism for going public by smaller and riskier firmsFung, Shan Katherine
2003United States direct investment in the Chinese power generation sector :an industry-level case studyKan, Man-ping Lena
1998UNIX security checking tool using knowledge-based approachLeung, Lap-yin
2011Unsupervised pattern discovery for sequence and mixed attribute databasesWu, Pak-kit
2014Urban development discourses in Mainland China : a case study of collective nail-house protest in W cityLi, Ni
2022Urban leverage, purchase restriction and housing price in ChinaLu, Wanying
2006Urban reverberation in a dense residential environmentTsang, Yun-fat
2002Usability evaluation of hotel Websites in Hong KongAu Yeung, Ying-siu Tom
2012Usability evaluation of schematic London metro maps using eye-trackingLiu, Zheng
2006Usability metrics for application on mobile phoneJo, Chun-wah
2010USB stick array : design and implementation of a large scale storage system with discarded USB flash memory sticksZhang, Yi
1998Use a methodology model adopted QFD and questionnaires for continuous quality improvement in small construction projectsChan, Chi-wai Percy