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2002A study of participants' perceptions of effectiveness of a web-enabled problem-based learning staff development courseLi, Wing-sze Wanze
2001A study of preschool student teachers' perceptions of the effectiveness of fieldwork supervisionSung, Wai-ting Vega
2001A study of the learning ability, attitude and motivation of part-time students within the Caritas context and the implications for teaching and course structure of the Design programmeHong, Celina
2005A study on creativity in filmmaking of film/TV diploma students : its assessment and its relation to critical thinking dispositionsChang, Yuk-mui Gipsy
2005A study on the factors affecting students dropout in part-time evening coursesLau, Hon-yiu
2006A study on the impact of open-book assessment on students' beliefs, test anxiety, learning process and outcomesLau, Mei-yi.
2001Teaching Chinese practical writing through the World Wide Web : a study of students' attitudes and study behavioursLeung, Kam-ha Lydia
2003To evaluate the teaching, learning and goals of a stage management course in the Hong Kong Academy for Performing ArtsChan, Yin-kar Alice
2007Transformative learning process of MSW China students in social work fieldwork placement : exploratory case studiesFok, Siu-ling Ellen
2006Using the jigsaw method for enhancing the learning of reading and writing competencies in vocational EnglishWong, Man
2007What happens in art and design critique sessions? : a study of student's participation in and perception of the usefulness of art and design critique sessionsNg, Yuk-kwan Ricky