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2015An experimental study on water efficiency of selected kitchen applianceZeng, Jiaqi
2009Experimental study regarding on waste heat recovery at shower drains in high-rise buildingZhao, Ce
2013Exposure risk of an airborne pathogen in washroomLi, Nan
2017Feasibility evaluation of using reverse cycle room air-conditioner for combined space and water heating in residential buildings in Hong KongNg, Kin Wah
2009Feasibility study of indoor temperature setting at 25.5 oC for energy savingWang, Rui
2016Feasibility study of integration of electrical fault recognition system (EFRS) with building automation system (BAS)Lee, Cheuk Ming Brian
2018Feasibility study of liquid desiccant dehumidification system applied in Hong KongWong, Chiu Ting
2022The feasibility study of saline water cooling system in Hong KongLau, Chun Kit
2016Feasibility study of three dimensional environmental zoning to control light pollution in Hong KongAu, Chi Wah
2014The feasibility study of tri-generation system in a sewage treatment plantZhou, Jun
2019Fire behaviors and impact to nuclear power plant in the strike by commercial passenger jetZhu, Jingzhe
2020Fire hazards of thermoplastic drips-dripping ignition theoryJia, Yifan
2023Fire resistance of timber panel structures : impact of changes in fire protection materials under standard fire exposure conditionsLiu, Wenyu
2017Fire safety management in tall buildings in the context of Hong Kong : a study on block Z of the Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityLiang, Kankan
2014Fire spread in green building designsLung, Ho Kit
2020Fire spread in underground spaces in the presence of mechanical ventilationShang, Dongyu
2019Fire spread rate under different conditions in large open plan office spacesPang, Shufan
2019The fire transfer rate and intensity under variated ceiling height in large office workplace of a commercial buildingMak, Ho Yeung
2021Forecasting indoor radon concentration using Box-Jenkins ARIMA modeling approachCheng, Ka Man
2019GSM and arduino-based smart home environment monitoring and control system developmentIp, Chi Fai Benny