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2019The effect of correlated color temperature on learning performance of studentsLo, Wai Kit
2006Effect of external obstructions on daylight availability in dense urban environmentsChau, Wai-tong
2018The effect of groundwater advection in a non-homogeneous medium on spiral-coil energy pileWang, Sifan
2017Effect of household characteristics on residential solid waste generation in Hong KongPun, Fu Hong
2021Effect of indoor air quality (IAQ) on elderly’s health and physical performanceCheung, Man Long Jason
2016Effect of lightning protection methods of external metal components in building on the occupant under direct lightning strikeZhang, Mingsheng
2019Effect of microenvironment and streetscape on walking comfort in Hong KongHuang, Shiming
2022Effect of outdoor pedestrian level turbulence on the convective heat transfer coefficient of human bodyWang, Guang
2010Effect of the structure height and lightning current on attracting range of the structure for lightning protection designYuen, Ka-hang
2011Effect of trees on air pollutant dispersion inside intra-urban roadsHo, Ming-sang
2022The effect of urban geometry and urban configurations on street thermal comfort in Hong KongZhao, Yueshuai
2020Effects of different falling film dehumidifiers on the flow morphology with CFD simulationsWu, Qian
2005The effects of impaired condenser heat rejection on operational performance for air cooled refrigeration unitsYeung, Kwok-hei
2016Effects of natural sounds on the perception of road traffic noiseWang, Jin
2021Effects of the road traffic noise on human perceptionsChan, Kei
2009Electrical and thermal analysis of power cables installed in buildingsLin, Gen
2011Emergency ventilation in tilted vehicular tunnelLam, Ka Kit
2010Energy analysis of innovative dedicated outdoor air system with liquid desiccantKang, Houmin
2021Energy and carbon mitigation design options for undertaking the BEAM plus assessmentsWang, Xin
2010Energy and economic performance analysis of gas-engine driven heat pump for air-conditioningPan, Yingxuan