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2015Dansyl-conjugated beta-lactam antibiotic as a fluorescent drug-based sensor for beta-lactamase detection and in vitro drug screeningYip, Chun Yin Karl
2018The dark side of earnings response coefficient : the role of ERC in future stock crash risk predictionXie, Si
2003A data model for complex road network for vehicle navigation systemsHo, Sau-man Berlina
1999Data warehousing support for mobile environmentLee, Chi-keung Ken
2023Data-driven chance-constrained planning for distributed generation : a partial sampling approachJiang, Shiyi
2023Data-driven robust network revenue managementZhang, Tao
2022Data-efficient deep learning algorithms for computer-aided medical diagnosisLi, Wenqiang
2001Decentralized artificial intelligent traffic controlHeung, Tsan-hing
2001Decision making of triage nurses in determination of patients' level of urgency in accident & emergency departments in Hong KongLau, Ping-fat
2011Decision support queries on graph data : answering which-pair queriesLuk, Ming-hay
2011A decomposition approach for computing elementary flux modes in genome-scale metabolic networksChan, Siu-hung Joshua
2023Deep eutectic solvents based ionic conductive gel fibersFang, Lingtao
2016Deep hierarchical architectures for saliency prediction and salient object detectionHu, Yu
2022Deep learning empowered data anomaly detection for structural health monitoring systemsDu, Yao
2022Deep learning for facial image analysis and recognitionLai, Shun Cheung
2022Defending against advanced DDoS attacksMiu, Tung Ngai
2015Delay-constrained and energy-efficient distributed algorithms for computation-intensive applications in WSNSLin, Wanyu
2018Depend on whom? : the interplay between political networks and CEO core self-evaluation (CSE) on firm product innovationLiu, Yu
2007Deposition parameter dependence of hydridation-dehydridation effects of bilayered magnesium-nickel/palladium thin filmsTang, Yu-ming
1998Design and analysis of high performance multicast time-multiplexed switchesChan, Man-chi