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2016Aesthetic appreciation and creativityKe, Xudong
2015Announcement premium : a price-correction-based explanationKong, Kwok Wai
2018Antecedents and team-level consequences of inclusive leadership : a longitudinal study韩恺; Han, Kai
2013Are family firms bad? : evidence from listed firms in Hong KongCheung, Wah Keung
2015Arousal and consumer reaction to monetary sales promotionsChan, Ka Wai
2017Ascending to the top : what can female executives do to earn respect?Siu, Mei Kuen
2016Asset injection through private equity placement, earnings management and the co-existence of propping and tunneling by controlling shareholdersKung, Chikam; 龚子鉴
2014Business organization and PRC entrepreneurship : a meme's-eye viewToepker, Chris
2017Can corporate social responsibilities drive customer and employee citizenship behaviours : its mediating mechanism and the boundary condition of customer participationChu, Buston
2014Can identification with a corporate brand motivate employees in the service industrySenecal, Julie
2013Can insider trading activities and board independence affect company performance? : a study of Hong Kong marketTong, Chak Wai Wilson
2017CEO succession in Chinese family businesses : a governing-by-laissez-faire (無為而治) perspectiveYiu, Kwok On
2013CEO turnover and stock price crashWu, Chun Wah Michael
2018CFO profile - Does business experience matter? Evidence from S&P 500 companiesEdralin, Lolita T.
2018Corporate social responsibility and firm performance : evidence from the Hong Kong stock exchangeWong, Man Hin Raymond
2013Culture and venture capital development : a theoretical exploration on ChinaZeng, Wei
2016Diamond cuts diamond : exploring the role of customer participation in service quality co-creation : a study of the shopping mall tenant-landlord relationshipChoi, Pui Ching Joyce
2013Do speculators drive futures prices? : evidence from the futures prices of precious metalsFan, Stephanie Winnie
2015Does CEO inside debt affect accounting irregularities?Chan, Wai Chuen Ricky
2016Does drinking really matter? : an empirical study of the effect of drinking on Guanxi in Chinese B2B marketsBai, Song