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2016Aesthetic appreciation and creativityKe, Xudong
2015Announcement premium : a price-correction-based explanationKong, Kwok Wai
2022Applications and implications of real estate tokenization – a Hong Kong studyWong, Man Wa
2013Are family firms bad? : evidence from listed firms in Hong KongCheung, Wah Keung
2015Arousal and consumer reaction to monetary sales promotionsChan, Ka Wai
2017Ascending to the top : what can female executives do to earn respect?Siu, Mei Kuen
2024Buried signal in financial reportingFan, Kin Nang
2014Business organization and PRC entrepreneurship : a meme's-eye viewToepker, Chris
2022Can central bank digital currency achieve the optimal negative interest rate policy?Lee, Yuen Hung Kevin
2017Can corporate social responsibilities drive customer and employee citizenship behaviours : its mediating mechanism and the boundary condition of customer participationChu, Buston
2014Can identification with a corporate brand motivate employees in the service industrySenecal, Julie
2013Can insider trading activities and board independence affect company performance? : a study of Hong Kong marketTong, Chak Wai Wilson
2019Can minority shareholders' voice be uncovered and heard? : evidence from Hong Kong stock marketLing, Shing Ping
2019Can R&D spillover effect explain the positive association between R&D investments and future abnormal returns ?Chen, I Ming
2019Career success, midlife crisis and wellbeing : can calling help?Mak, Sau Ying
2019Cash holding through crisis : a Hong Kong studyCheung, Francis
2019The causal relationship of prospect theory on escation of commitment : a study of Hong Kong investors behaviorDeFilippo, Vincent
2017CEO succession in Chinese family businesses : a governing-by-laissez-faire (無為而治) perspectiveYiu, Kwok On
2013CEO turnover and stock price crashWu, Chun Wah Michael
2016CEO 创业导向对探索型创新和开发型创新的影响 : CEO 个人能力、公司资源和环境不确定性的调节作用简世雄; Chien, Shih-hsiung James