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2023Bio-inspired catechol chemistry for material functionalizationLam, Yin Tung
2023Cellulosic FDM 3D printing flexible material for apparelWong, Yui Yiu
2023Deep eutectic solvents based ionic conductive gel fibersFang, Lingtao
2022Design and development of a non-powered exoskeleton device to cater to the physical needs of puppeteersChow, Sin Wei Cathy
2023The design of soft computational interfaces and chip-integrated textiles for gesture recognition in interactive applicationShao, Li
2024Design of textile-fabricated diabetic insole for enhancing foot thermal comfortNing, Sen
2022Design, fabrication, and characterization of flexible and multifunctional TENG and self-powered sensors based on TA-assisted metal electroless depositionYang, Mengyan
2022Developing a novel thermal management fabric for solar heat shielding through a bionic methodWang, Yuxiang
2022Development of functional splint for De Quervain’s disease treatmentTam, Eunice Wai-si
2023Electrically responsive emissivity regulating materialsLi, Ziqi
2024Ergonomic design of textile orthoses for patients with hallux valgusKwan, Mei Ying
2022Fashion knockoffs and counterfeiting problems in the fashion industryWang, Yingjia
2023Finite element analysis of dynamic plantar pressure distribution to enhance the design of diabetic insoleLeung, Sin Hang Matthew
2022High-performance flexible electrodes for lithium batteriesGuo, Qianyi
2023Intelligent systems for digital pattern analysis and design supportQu, Hong
2022Multi-functional integrated organohydrogel fibers for wearable electronicsRong, Mingming
2024Personal stylist : an intelligent evaluation model for personalized styling advicePang, Kaicheng
2022Stakeholder engagement in sustainable operations management : evidence from social media analyticsZeng, Fan
2023Study of auxetic fabrics based on rotating square geometryChang, Yuping
2023Study of liquid and moisture management properties of fabrics by using a novel sweating simulatorShahzad, Amir