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2015Dajiangyou : media practices of vernacular creativity in postdigital ChinaDe Seta, Gabriele
2015Developing an integrative model of control : implications for psychological functioningWu, Chi Hang Wesley
2009Development and validation of a brief screening tool for detecting intimate partner violence in Hong Kong emergency departmentsChan, Chi-chung
2009Development of interactive dietary intake portal with digital imagesChung, Ming-yan Louisa
2017Differential outcomes of temperamental inhibition in social development : interaction between child temperament and parenting practicesLuke, Yeung Felix
2007Dilemma of weight loss : a study of body politics in Hong KongLo, Suk-ling Villy
2017Disadvantages, silences and thriving : the well-being of rural women in the upper east region of northern GhanaAbbey, Eunice
2013Disaster victims' needs and institutional provision : a study on the disaster relief and reconstruction model of China --- a case study with the '5.12' Wenchuan earthquakeChen, Hongli
2009Disenfranchised women, identity and power : the potential of community arts and cooperativesChan, Fung-yi Pauline
2010Education for migrant children in BeijingQi, Ji
2013The effect of mentorship program and mentoring relationship quality on adolescents' development outcomes, and the interaction between mentoring and parent relationship in adolescentsZhou, Xiao Chun
2011The effects of qigong on reducing stress, anxiety and enhancing body-mind wellbeingChow, Wai-yi Yvonne
2015An emerging social movement in China : frames and activists in dog-rescue actionsGuo, Longpeng
2016Emotional regulation as protective factor for parentsNan, Kurt
2001Empowering women : strategies of working with female workersTo, Kit-lai Linda
2014Enhancing critical reflection in psychiatric rehabilitation : an exploratory study of reflective writing and co-reflectionYeung, Yee-yu
2014Enhancing the effectiveness of a youth mentorship program : the role of mentor's prosocialityLin, Wenjun
2016An ethnographic case study on transformation of a social welfare agency into a positive organizationCheung, Kam Hung Rainbow
2016Evaluation of the effectiveness of a literacy intervention program on enhancing school outcomes for secondary students who are having dyslexia and specific reading and writing difficulties in Hong KongTam, Oi-lan Irelan
2017Experience of the oppressed : the case of frontline female social workers in social service agencies with patriarchal cultureKwan, Vivien