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2016The uncommon sense in youth work : a study of practice wisdom in social work relationship with young peopleCheung, Chun-sing Johnson
2001An understanding on the struggle for autonomy in heterosexual relationship of deviant girlsHon, Siu-wan
2019Unravelling sharing economy : experiences from Hong KongLai, Ka Wai Michael
2014Urban development discourses in Mainland China : a case study of collective nail-house protest in W cityLi, Ni
2002The use of cognitive-behavioral intervention to help adolescent students in enhancing parent-child relationshipWong, Yiu-yu Carman
2014Violent behaviors of persons with schizophrenia : the experiences of male residents of psychiatric halfway houses in Hong KongFong, Fu-fai
2005Voice of discontent : youth and politics of music in post-1997 Hong KongChan, Kar-chung
2018'WeChat wants to become the everyday' : an ethno-semiotic study of computerized media, between industries and practices, in Shanghai and Chengdu (2015-2017)Bahroun, Allan
2014When migrant factory women return home : their life experiences in fast growing China's hinterlandHan, Yuchen
2002Women's participation in community-based grassroots organizations : oppression or liberation?Yu, Fung-ying
2007Yearning for zaan or home : gender, development and home in Zhuang women's narratives on migration in a Southwest Chinese villageXiang, Rong
2002Youth volunteering of children and youth centre : factors of the sustainability of volunteersFan, Yiu-cheun Sunny
2005个案辅导模式的后现代转向 : 对话个案辅导模式探索童敏; Tong, Min
2005中国社会工作教育的再现研究孫立亞; Sun, Liya
2012中国社会的人际信任 :概念、影响因素和形成机制葛忠明; Ge, Zhongming
2002中國城市社區發展與居民參與的多重論述的社會建構硏究郭偉和; Guo, Weihe
2012中國社會工作實習督導模式的發展 :以山東濟南為例張洪英; Zhang, Hongying
2012中國社會工作專業化的發展過程研究 : 國家、社會與學術的多元互動 (1978-2006)王嬰; Wang, Ying
2005亲子关系对青少年精神疾病产生的影响高萬紅; Gao, Wanhong
2005从旧金山模式到铁管模式 : 对医疗系统干预家庭暴力一项实践的反思矯揚; Jiao, Yang