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1997The exploratory study of the teenage pregnancy and the moral voicesKwok, Corinna Yuk-ping
1996An exploratory study on " maternal overprotection - its possible causes and implications on the development of a child's emotions, behaviors and social relationships"Suen, Suk-yin Christina
1998An exploratory study on adolescent girls' coping with parents' marital conflict in Hong KongChiu, Wai-kan Yolanda
1997An exploratory study on empowering the oppressed by social actionCheng, Chung-man
1997An exploratory study on factors affecting parenting and the relationship between parenting practices and adolescent development in Hong KongKwok, Lai-yi Clara
1997Exploratory study on Hong Kong Chinese gay couplesCheung, Anna Yin-wai
1997An exploratory study on multi-disciplinary teamwork in geriatric discharge planning serviceTsoi, Yuen-kan
1996An exploratory study on parental expectations on adolescent-child's behavioral performance and the adolescent's self-expectations in contemporary Hong KongTing, Oi-tai
1996An exploratory study on risk factors associated with youth suicide in Hong KongSo, Oi-king
1997An exploratory study on social workers of psychiatric settings in Hong Kong : their stress, strains, and copingKwong, Wai-ching
1997An exploratory study on teamwork and team communication in an integrated team for young people in Hong KongHo, Wing-cheong
1997An exploratory study on the applicability of management by objectives (MBO) in managing woluntary social service agencies in local contextLam, Muk-kwan
1997An exploratory study on the effectiveness of the marriage enrichment program of the family life education service in Hong KongTsang, Pik-shan
1997An exploratory study on the interaction between medical social workers and medical practitioners in psychiatric settings, from the perspective of medical social workersChan, Yue-kuen Estella
1999An exploratory study on the interpersonal processes between nurses and social workers in the setting of day activity centre cum hostelYeung, Mee-ling
1997An exploratory study on the marriage of the people with mental handicapsChung, Wai-ming
1999An exploratory study on the parenting difficulties of adoptive mothers when their pre-school age adopted child enters schoolTsang, Min-yan
1995An exploratory study on the subjective experiences of the ex-mentally ill towards social prejudice in their rehabilitation processKwan, Mei-ling
1997An exploratory study on the supervision functions performed by the superintendents of the residential homes for the elderlyLeung, Yee-mei
1998An exploratory study on the work intention of single mothers with dependent childrenLun, Chi-hai