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2023Measurement uncertainty quantification and probability-based control for building central cooling and air conditioning systemsSun, Shaobo
2022Mitigating the condensation risk of radiant cooling panels by superhydrophobic surface materialsZhong, Ziwen
2022A modified mixture theory framework for the melting of pure PCM and PCM/metal foam compositeJiao, Kai
2023Multi-dimensional comparative study of hydrogen storage technology based on vehicle fuel storage scenariosYe, Linghe
2023Multi-objective coordinated control of wind turbines in wind farms based on active yaw controlHe, Ruiyang
2023A new three-dimensional elliptical multiple wind turbine wake modelLi, Yichun
2024A novel project-centred micro-perforated panel sound absorber manufacturing technique for building and environmental applicationsFung, Man Lok
2023Numerical impedance extraction of Litz wire using a multi-level PEEC methodLyu, Jiahua
2022Numerical investigation on the effect of cell spacing on phase change material based battery thermal management systemCheung, Yau Kuen
2023Numerical simulation methods coupled with genetic algorithm to predict cooling energy consumption and infection transmission in buildingsSatheesan, Manoj Kumar
2022Ocean electric generation for coastal buildingsChan, Chun Wing
2023Performance evaluation of colored CdTe thin film solar panelsSun, Yuhang
2022Performance of ventilation-enabled noise barrier for residential developmentYuen, Ka Chun
2024Planning and design optimization of air-conditioning systems for high-tech cleanrooms of enhanced energy efficiency under full-range climate conditionsZhao, Wenxuan
2023Quantitative performance assessment and optimal design of microgrid systems considering supply-demand uncertaintiesLuo, Jianing
2023Real-time benchmarking and predictive maintenance of air conditioners in public transportation based on physics-guided machine learningChen, Zhijie
2022Reconstruction of tall buildings fires for thermal response analysisKhan, Aatif Ali
2023Research and development on a novel hydropower system with integrated turbine generator for efficient energy recovery from water supply pipelineShen, Zhicheng
2023Research on the effect of hybrid PV-tidal renewable energy and building-EV systems on energy matching and economicsXu, Guobin
2023Simulation and experimental studies on indirect evaporative cooling system with porous materialShi, Wenchao