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2022A holistic sound quality assessment for the noise from ventilation systemsHung, Yeuk Lun
2023The impact of natural ventilation on indoor air quality at different height in Hong KongChen, Yunyi
2023The impacts of buildings’ orientations on building energy consumptionDeng, Meiqi
2023Impacts of lightning-Induced over-voltage on vehicle charging pileTian, Yiming
2023Indoor environment quality impact on students’ concentration in self-study area – a case study of a university libraryYe, Songhua
2022Indoor propagation modeling for 5 GHz Wi-Fi networks using FDTD methodTong, Yuefeng
2023Intelligent fire identification and quantification driven by computer visionWang, Zilong
2022Investigation of meteorological condition and outdoor thermal comfort in Hong KongPoon, Kai Yiu
2022An investigation of the adaptive behavior for water showering of occupancy in domestic apartmentChan, Lok Man
2023Investigation of the impacts as direct lightning strikes on the electrical vehicles by using FDTD codeWu, Kongjie
2023An investigation on the indoor environment quality and its relationship with individual comfort in the library self-study roomsZhang, Yukun
2022Life cycle carbon emissions for zero emission building and renewable energy systemsHu, Yueyue
2022Load prediction for peak demand limitingXu, Kan
2022The measure of outdoor thermal comfort with static-dynamic metrics for microclimate-friendly urban designsLi, Jianong
2023Measurement and analysis of the cooling capacity of membrane-based radiant cooling system under outdoor air conditionsLiang, Yan
2022The measurement of positive air pressure and air leakage in ventilation section of full-scale toilet drainage stack and its significanceYang, Shangyuan
2023Measurement uncertainty quantification and probability-based control for building central cooling and air conditioning systemsSun, Shaobo
2022Mitigating the condensation risk of radiant cooling panels by superhydrophobic surface materialsZhong, Ziwen
2022A modified mixture theory framework for the melting of pure PCM and PCM/metal foam compositeJiao, Kai
2023Multi-dimensional comparative study of hydrogen storage technology based on vehicle fuel storage scenariosYe, Linghe