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2003Daylighting assessment by average daylight factorSo, Ka-shun
2005Daylighting glare in premises with windowsLiu, Yee-mei
2006Daylighting performance assessment methods for high-rise residential buildings in a dense urban environmentCheung, Hiu-dan
2006Demand controlled ventilation for improving energy and environmental performanceLi, Xinhui
2002Demand side management (DSM) in buildings in Hong KongNg, Wai-hung
2001The design and implementation of a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) : a case study in Hongkong Land Ltd., a grade-A office owner and managerFong, Yuk-wai Albert
2005Design considerations on integrating sprinkler system with smoke extraction systemPang, Chi-leung Edgar
2018Design of a hybrid PV-EV (electric vehicle) system to enhance the energy flexibility of a single-family ZEB (zero energy building) houseZhang, Yiting
2014Detailed account of personal water consumption in Hong KongIp, Chun Hang
2009Developing a condensate-free fan-coil systemLeung, Yuen-chong
2005Developing a credit weighting scale for a building environmental assessment schemeLeung, Chi-lung
2016Developing a method to rate chiller plant energy management efficiencyZhang, Hui
2018Developing a simplified model for chiller optimizationLai, Kin Hang
2006Developing an optimum operating strategy with floating condensing temperature for chiller plant in CityPlaza OneChu, Ho-yin
2006Developing mass transfer based model for predicting VOCs emission from building materialsLi, Feng
2017Developing thermal energy storage using PCM/water emulsion : media preparationZhang, Xiyao
2005Development and evaluation of a prototype personal air supply systemMa, Lai-yung
2001The development and practice of Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) at grade A office building of Hong KongChan, Chi-wai Ricky
2008Development and verification of simulation model of hybrid ground-coupled heat pump systems with inclined boreholesCui, Ping
2013Development of a 3-D leader propagation model and its application to structural lightning protection analysisXu, Yazhong