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2016Objective and human subjective evaluation of outdoor thermal comfortZhu, Tianlan
2010On the mutual force excitations among machines assembly and their influence on the overall vibration insulation efficiencyChow, Ho-pan
2018On the study of the effect of building and road canyon geometry on thermal comfortFu, Qi
1999On-line performance evaluation of balancing variable flow secondary chilled water loopChan, Kin-hung
2011On-site environmental study for public residential buildings in Hong KongTsang, Hon-wai
2019On-site renewable systems to enhance the energy performance of the net-zero emission hotel building integrated with electrical shuttle busesZhu, Ruixuan
2010Online optimal control of multiple-chiller systems in large buildingsSun, Yongjun
2008Online supervisory and optimal control of complex building central chilling systemsMa, Zhenjun
2015Operational characteristics and controller developments of a variable speed direct expansion air conditioning systemLi, Zhao
2016Operational performance analysis on a three-evaporator air-conditioning systemRuan, Lemeng
2017Operational stability of a direct expansion air conditioning system under variable speed operation and its control applicationXia, Yudong
2008The operational stability of a refrigeration system having a variable-speed compressor (VSC)Chen, Yiming
2015Optimal design and control of cool thermal energy storage systems for building demand managementCui, Borui
2005The optimal installation of active power filters in an office buildingWong, Ka-yan
2002Optimisation of building services embodied energy consumption for residential buildings in Hong KongLau, Yiu-keung Alfred
2013Optimization of energy efficiency of air-cooled chillers using water mist pre-coolingYang, Jia
2018Optimization of micro-perforated cylinder under acoustics and fluid flow considerationHui, Chun Wai Eugene
2018Optimization of mounting positions and supporting structures of building services equipment for vibration controlWang, Zhen
2013Optimization of the distribution pump height in a high-rise office buildingNg, Ray-an Luy
2017Optimizing extra-low temperature DX systemChen, Zeyi