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2016Objective and human subjective evaluation of outdoor thermal comfortZhu, Tianlan
2010On the mutual force excitations among machines assembly and their influence on the overall vibration insulation efficiencyChow, Ho-pan
2018On the study of the effect of building and road canyon geometry on thermal comfortFu, Qi
1999On-line performance evaluation of balancing variable flow secondary chilled water loopChan, Kin-hung
2011On-site environmental study for public residential buildings in Hong KongTsang, Hon-wai
2010Online optimal control of multiple-chiller systems in large buildingsSun, Yongjun
2008Online supervisory and optimal control of complex building central chilling systemsMa, Zhenjun
2016Operational performance analysis on a three-evaporator air-conditioning systemRuan, Lemeng
2008The operational stability of a refrigeration system having a variable-speed compressor (VSC)Chen, Yiming
2005The optimal installation of active power filters in an office buildingWong, Ka-yan
2002Optimisation of building services embodied energy consumption for residential buildings in Hong KongLau, Yiu-keung Alfred
2013Optimization of energy efficiency of air-cooled chillers using water mist pre-coolingYang, Jia
2018Optimization of micro-perforated cylinder under acoustics and fluid flow considerationHui, Chun Wai Eugene
2013Optimization of the distribution pump height in a high-rise office buildingNg, Ray-an Luy
2017Optimizing extra-low temperature DX systemChen, Zeyi
2015Optimizing the operation and performance of water pumps at a pump stationYang, Yichen
2004Optimum condensing temperature at part-load operation of air-cooled chillers for energy efficiencyYu, Fu-wing
2015Outdoor thermal comfort variations due to wind modification and shading effects of buildingsZhu, Xuefei
2001Outsourcing : effects on existing building maintenance organisationLee, Hon-yin
1999Outsourcing in Hong Kong's tertiary sector : the why & the howMak, Henry Siu-lun