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1999Quantification of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) emission strength in refuse collection pointWong, Tin-kam
2016Quantification of luminous comfort with dynamic daylight metrics for energy-efficient residential buildingsXue, Peng
2005Quantification of solar and daylight availability in the urban fabric by irradiation mappingTo, Tak-tung
2006Quantifying energy saving potential by intermittent air conditioning operation in a typical single officeSit, Kam-yung
2018Quantifying the effects of interior surface reflectance and window orientation on daylightingShu, Ziyu
2020A quantitative analysis and modeling of human thermal sensation and comfort in outdoor spacesXie, Yongxin
2011Radiant heat and respiratory droplet distribution with stratified air distribution systemCheng, Shan
2011Radiative heat transfer from pool fires in a small compartmentChan, Yui Pan
2005Radon distribution in spaceHo, Wai-lan Janice
2020Rays-concentrating mechanism and thermal performance of parabolic trough solar collectorsZou, Bin
2015RCDs for lighting circuitsCheng, Tsz Kan
2010Reducing cooling load of semi-stratified air distribution systemYang, Fan
1999Reliability of automatic sprinkler systems in shopping centres in Hong KongTang, Wai-kuen
2011Renewable energy applications on islands : case study Town IslandMeng, Danqing
2007Renewable energy solutions for the built environment in dense urban citiesIp, Ka-yan
2020Residual current devices (RCDs) and its protection against leakage current in electrical installationsZhao, Sihan
2018Retro-commissioning for chilling system in Hong Kong's hospitalNgan, Sze Chun Beeno
2009Revealing the disparities of subjective and objective air exposures level in Hong KongNg, Wai-yin
2002Review of daylighting application in Hong KongLee, Man-chung
2002Review of six sigma and its relevance to facility managementWoo, Hoi-lai Zacky