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2018Uncertainty of plumbing system loading estimationLeung, On Kit
2006Urban reverberation in a dense residential environmentTsang, Yun-fat
2018Use of immersive virtual environment for collecting occupant preference, understanding the impact of wall luminance and uniformity on preferred task illuminanceWang, Lyubing
2010Use of LED for illuminationChan, Ka-wai
2009Use of LEDs for illuminationWong, Tak-san
2012Use of PMS data for building energy performance assessment in International Commerce Center (ICC)Zhu, Zilong
2018Utilization of tri-generation technology in a Hong Kong sewage treatment plant for increasing energy efficiencyYuan, Tianpei
2000Utilizing dry type air scrubber in refuse collection points of Hong KongLau, Siu-kei Dominic
2010Ventilation control and ventilation performance of multi-zone air conditioning systemsSun, Zhongwei
2007Ventilation design for high-rise residential buildings : building regulation and required innovationLau, Pak-kai
2011Vibration isolation under an elastic foundationLee, Tsz-yuen
2007A visibility study on photoluminescent exit signs in building corridorWong, Yee-ping
2006Vortex sound generation in the presence of porous materials with an application to dissipative silencers and lined ductsLau, Chi-kin
2018Water efficiency of kitchen faucet in manual dishwashingYim, Ka Chun Martin
2005Water requirements for fighting highrise building fires in Hong KongYu, Kam-shan Simon
2002What makes an office building 'Grade A'?Lo, Kam-chuen
2017Wind effects on atrium smoke exhaust by ceiling ventSun, Qian