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2019Quantifying the economic and environmental linkage and leakage of the construction sector in an urban economyHung, Chang-wei Cathy
2023Quantitative assessment of the leaching of heavy metals and PAHs from asphalt pavements and its impactZou, Fuliao
2015Quantitative measurement of acidic ultrafine particles and observations of new particle formation in the atmosphere of Hong KongWang, Dawei
2016Rain-wind-induced cable vibration through wind tunnel tests and numerical analysisJing, Haiquan
2019RC beam-column joints seismically retrofitted with selective beam weakening and local FRP strengtheningWang, Qingkai
2021Reactive bromine and chlorine chemistry in the polluted regionPeng, Xiang
2018Reactive nitrogen oxides (HONO, N₂O₅ and ClNO₂) in different atmospheric environment in China : concentrations, formation and the impact on atmospheric oxidation capacityYun, Hui
2013Real fire test on R.C. structural members and structural steel membersTo, Hing Pui
2020Recycling behaviour: extended theory of planned behaviour and system dynamics approachMak, Man Wah Tiffany
2021Recycling food waste into value-added chemicals over carbon-based catalystsXiong, Xinni
2022Recycling of incinerated sewage sludge ash in lime-pozzolan cements for stabilisation/solidification of marine sedimentsZhou, Yifan
2023Recycling of phosphorus-recovered incinerated sewage sludge ash for stabilization/solidification of contaminated marine sedimentsWang, Qiming
2022Red light running behaviour and safety of pedestrians at signalized crossingsZhu, Dianchen
2023Refined monitoring using the OFDR-based distributed fibre optic sensor : from laboratory tests to site monitoringLin, Shaoqun
2017Reliability-based design and life-cycle management of FRP-strengthened RC structuresYang, Yinan
2013Removal of methyl mercaptan from foul gas by in-situ production of ferrate(VI) for odour controlDing, Ling
2019Research on how biochar would affect the cement hydrationWang, Zhifeng
2015A resilience-based approach for optimizing pavement maintenance strategiesOuyang, Yuchen
2022Resilience-based seismic performance of individual buildings and community portfoliosAnwar, Ghazanfar Ali
2018Response covariance-based multi-sensing damage detection of civil structuresLin, Jianfu