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2016Rain-wind-induced cable vibration through wind tunnel tests and numerical analysisJing, Haiquan
2019RC beam-column joints seismically retrofitted with selective beam weakening and local FRP strengtheningWang, Qingkai
2021Reactive bromine and chlorine chemistry in the polluted regionPeng, Xiang
2018Reactive nitrogen oxides (HONO, N₂O₅ and ClNO₂) in different atmospheric environment in China : concentrations, formation and the impact on atmospheric oxidation capacityYun, Hui
2013Real fire test on R.C. structural members and structural steel membersTo, Hing Pui
2020Recycling behaviour: extended theory of planned behaviour and system dynamics approachMak, Man Wah Tiffany
2021Recycling food waste into value-added chemicals over carbon-based catalystsXiong, Xinni
2022Recycling of incinerated sewage sludge ash in lime-pozzolan cements for stabilisation/solidification of marine sedimentsZhou, Yifan
2023Recycling of phosphorus-recovered incinerated sewage sludge ash for stabilization/solidification of contaminated marine sedimentsWang, Qiming
2022Red light running behaviour and safety of pedestrians at signalized crossingsZhu, Dianchen
2023Refined monitoring using the OFDR-based distributed fibre optic sensor : from laboratory tests to site monitoringLin, Shaoqun
2017Reliability-based design and life-cycle management of FRP-strengthened RC structuresYang, Yinan
2013Removal of methyl mercaptan from foul gas by in-situ production of ferrate(VI) for odour controlDing, Ling
2019Research on how biochar would affect the cement hydrationWang, Zhifeng
2015A resilience-based approach for optimizing pavement maintenance strategiesOuyang, Yuchen
2022Resilience-based seismic performance of individual buildings and community portfoliosAnwar, Ghazanfar Ali
2018Response covariance-based multi-sensing damage detection of civil structuresLin, Jianfu
2015Retrofitting existing buildings by coupling method using passive devicesYang, Zhidong
2020Review on seismic provisions of reinforced concrete beam-column jointsLiang, Longxiao
2024Risk assessment of dredging processes in Pearl River estuary - Hong Kong watersHe, Chang