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2013Calibration of mechanistic-empirical bituminous pavement designLi, Xueying
2004Capturing quality costs of construction processes using the Construction Process Cost Model (CPCM)Aoieong, Taiman Raymond
2000A case study of the spatial distribution of ozone and its precursors over the Hong Kong territories using kriging methodWong, Yu-hung
2006Ceramic membrane technology applied to oily wastewater separationHua, Fenglin
1998Characterisation of aerosols in Hong Kong with an emphasis on a non-urban site, Cape D'aguilarCheng, Kai-kei
2007The characteristics and source identification of airborne particles at the roadside of Hong Kong-PolyU (PU) supersiteCheng, Yan
2000Characteristics of vertical ozone distribution and ozone transport in the troposphere over Hong KongChan, Chuen-yu
2003Characteristics of volatile organic emissions from Hong Kong trafficsYu, Yuen-shan
2007Characterization and speciation of non-methane hydrocarbons (NMHCs) and their implications on the atmosphere of South ChinaTang, Jianhui
1999Characterization and stabilization of chemically assisted primary sedimentation process (CAPS) sludgeChu, Che-wing Alice
2012Characterization of cooking emission from different cooking processesYuan, Yuan
2007Characterization of cooking fumes in Hong KongChen, Yi
2010Characterization of on-road vehicle emissions and air quality in densely-built environmentLau, Cheuk-yin Jason
2006Characterization of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in emissions from industrial sourcesChu, Kam-wah
2010Characterizing urban heat island and its effects in Hong KongFung, Wing-yee
2012Chemical component of Particle Matter (PM) at Hong Kong-PolyU roadsideSun, Jian
2012A comparative study of the different biological methods for treatment of food waste in Hong KongLiu, Meng
1993A comparative study on the analysis and design of rigid, pinned and semi-rigid jounted trussesKoon, Chi-ming
2012Comparison and sustainability study on landfilling and incineration of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) in ChinaNg, Bing Hei
2011Comparison between viscous and hysteretic damping modelsShen, Guodong