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2002A parametric study on side shear resistance on a rock socketed pileChan, Chi-pui
1994Passenger car equivalents for vehicles under Hong Kong traffic conditionsLeung, Yuen-sing
2010Pedestrian activity-simulation model for Hong Kong congested urban areasLee, Jodie Yik-sze
1998Pedestrian flow characteristics in the Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway stationsCheung, Chung-yu
2001Performance evaluation of noise control design for rooftop chiller plantYim, Wai-keung
2011Performance of reinforced concrete columns under real fire testQian, Qin
2009Performance study on organic and nitrogen removal of leachate by a two-stage oxic-anoxic biological aerated filter (OABAF) systemMa, Li
2011Performance study on organic and nitrogen removal of leachate by a two-stage oxic-anoxic biological aerated filter (OABAF) system with the addition of micronutrientsWai, Cham Man
2010The photocatalytic degradation of 2, 4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid herbicide by bismuth tungstatePei, Chun
2003The photocatalytic degradation of alachlor and dicamba in TiO2 suspensionWong, Chi-chung
2001The photodecay of TCE in surfactant solutions with and without the presence of acetone and additional hydrogen sourcesChoy, Wing-ki
2005Photodegradation of indoor air pollutants by photocatalyst TiO2Ao, Chiohang
2006Physical and numerical modelling of the soft soil ground improved by deep cement mixing methodFang, Zhen
2006Phytoremediation of heavy metal-contaminated soils using high biomass plantsLuo, Chun-ling
1999A pilot study on testing of full denitrification in existing leachate treatment works of north east New Territories (NENT) landfillChan, Chung-tak Thomas
2000Pollutant concentrations inside Tate's Cairn Tunnel in Hong Kong and pollutant prediction modelsLau, Ming-leong
2000Post-buckling analysis of plates and struts with initial imperfectionLui, Tai-hong
1995A practical approach to predict the torsional behaviours of shear cores and tubular structures with uniform or non-uniform torsional propertiesLeung, Man-kit
2000The prediction of bus noise during accelerationFung, Wai-ming
2000Prediction of ocean waves in Hong Kong western waters by using artificial neural networksTam, Chin-hung