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1998Cache consistency management in mobile distributed environmentChan, Yat-leong Boris
2009CAMPUS : a middleware for automated context-aware adaptation decisions at run-timeWei, Jingyuan
1996Can IT provide an information-based comparative advantage in merchant banking? : a study of IT use in foreign merchant banks in Hong KongChan, Wai-hung Simon
2001Cantonese speech recognitionLam, Yan-yan
2000Case base maintenance by using artificial neural networkMa, Yuk-kwong Ben
1999Case based reasoning system for preliminary cost estimation of public highway projectsHui, Wing-tak Kenneth
1999A case study for the design and selection of materialized views in a data warehousing environmentChan, Ka-yee
1994A case study of information support for sales and marketing at two real estate agentsChow, Yun-kwan Eugene
1998A case study of IS re-engineering in video rental service industrySo, Chi-kwong Steven
1996Case study on acceptance of desktop publishing technology by Hong Kong book publishing industryHo, Yat Mui Wendy
1998A case study on the application of contactless smart card in the public transport industry in Hong KongLeung, Kwong-fai Jonathan
2001A case-based reasoning system for GSM cell fault diagnosisYip, Tak-pun Ben
2019Challenges of O2O adoption from single channel model to closed-loop O2O in Hong KongHui, Pui Yi Aki
2011Chaotic oscillator based artificial neural network with LiDAR data for wind shear and turbulence forecasting and alertingKwong, Ka-ming
1998A character decomposition approach to offline handwritten Chinese character recognitionIp, Wai-shun Wilson
2021Characterizing Ethereum DeFi applicationsYu, Jiahui
2021Characterizing the evolving Android packersYan, Luyi
2007Chinese collocation extraction and its application in natural language processingLi, Wan-yin Claire
2015Chinese neologism discovery with statistics features in social media dataHuang, Lifeng
2001Chinese text analyserMak, Sai-wai David