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2011Factors drive customer purchasing decisions and behaviors in C2C industry : a case study of TaobaoWang, Yuan
1993Factors in the success of microcomputers in health and safety managementin industrial firmsKwan, Ping-kwun Peter
2001Fairness between layered multicast data transfer and TCPYu, Hong-lin
2016A famework for personal emotion categorization and visual attention estimationHuang, Xuelin
2010A family of QoS-aware traffic control protocolsYe, Lei
2001Fast Chinese approximate searchChong, Fu-shan
2016Fast missing tag identificationWang, Kuo
1996The feasibility of publication sales on internet in Hong KongChiu, Siu-kwan Andrew
2019Feature representation learning in complex networksShen, Xiao
2004Federated identity in Web servicesCham, Pui-ying
1996Financial market prediction with intelligent systems : a neural network-expert system hybrid trading system for the Hang Seng Index Futures MarketTang, Tat-ip
2007Financial report assistant XBRL transformerLi, Kay-yuen Mike
1998Financial time series forecasting by neural network using conjugate gradient methodLam, Chi-chung
2017Financial time series forecasting using conditional Restricted Boltzmann MachineLai, Kwok Chung
2001Financial time series prediction system using resource-allocating network with online adaptive learning algorithmFung, Chi-chung
2007Financial time series representation, visualization and miningFu, Tak-chung
2007Finding and estimating near optimal queriesWong, Wing-sze
2008FlashyPath : a Flash-based visualization tool for Internet path measurementChun, Ping-lim
2018Forecasting Hong Kong Hang Seng Index stock price movement using social media data analysisLau, Wai Tak
2002Forecasting near-future Hang Sang [i.e. Seng] Index with data mining techniquesLui, Hing-nin.