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1999Object model verification using knowledge base approachLee, Wai-kit Ricky
1999Object-oriented approach for timetablingChan, Choi-wing
2022On building trustworthy network systems with blockchain and TEELi, Zecheng
2017On consumers' perspective of electronic parcel lockers in e-commerce deliveryLam, Yuen-wah Eva
2014On coordination of cyber-physical systemsLi Tao
2021On cross-technology mutualism in the internet of things : communication and localizationAn, Zhenlin
2016On evaluating online DASH systemsXiao, Jie
2015On representation based pattern classification modelsZhu, Pengfei
2001On the integration of symmetry and template metrics to the active contour model and its fast implementationNgan, Hon-chung William
2020On the proposal generation and overfitting for CNN based single object trackingYang, Lingxiao
2020On the use of 3D convolutional neural network for Alzheimer's disease diagnosisGuo, Chen
2000Online Chinese news reading systemKwong, Tin-lap
2009Online game traffic classificationZhang, Qi
2021Online medical-consultation recommendation system with topic modelJIANG, Junfeng
2010Online multispectral palmprint recognitionGuo, Zhenhua
2010Online ordering systemLeung, Kai-hong
2021Online palmprint detection under complex backgroundHu, Jiaxin
2018Online touch-based and touchless palmprint recognitionZhang, Kunai
2014Online trust and its influence in C2C e-commerce with Taobao as a case exampleLin, Zhitao
2008Online trust and its influence on TaobaoSun, Xin