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1999Object model verification using knowledge base approachLee, Wai-kit Ricky
1999Object-oriented approach for timetablingChan, Choi-wing
2017On consumers' perspective of electronic parcel lockers in e-commerce deliveryLam, Yuen-wah Eva
2016On evaluating online DASH systemsXiao, Jie
2001On the integration of symmetry and template metrics to the active contour model and its fast implementationNgan, Hon-chung William
2000Online Chinese news reading systemKwong, Tin-lap
2009Online game traffic classificationZhang, Qi
2010Online multispectral palmprint recognitionGuo, Zhenhua
2010Online ordering systemLeung, Kai-hong
2014Online trust and its influence in C2C e-commerce with Taobao as a case exampleLin, Zhitao
2008Online trust and its influence on TaobaoSun, Xin
2011Ontology learning in Chinese for information search and managementLim, Hon-yeung, Edward
2008An ontology-based approach to personalized E-learning framework design and developmentChang Yee-mei Corina
2009An ontology-based modeling methodology for service-oriented architectureLiao, Li
1993Optical communication in electricity transmission systemYee, Tak-chow
2000An optimization approach to subdivision mesh constructionLau, Chi-ngong Angus
1999Optimization of trading strategy by genetic algorithms and wavelet transform with an Internet application to the Hong Kong stock optionLee, Kai-leung
2018Optimizing load balance in microservice architectureZhang, Xinyan
2013Optimizing NAND flash memory management in resource-constrained embedded systemsQin, Zhiwei
2000Organizational factors for successful management of software development with a focus on Hong Kong and ChinaChow, Siu-kwong