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2001Economic dispatch in power system by Genetic Algorithm and Dynamic ProgrammingSo, Wai-sing James
2022Economic operation and transactive energy management for microgrids with distributed energy resourcesLyu, Cheng
1994Eigenvector analyses of subsynchronous resonanceWan, Chi-shing
2001Electric vehicle battery chargers : harmonics, modelling and charging strategiesFok, Chun-cheong
2000Electrical load forecasting using fuzzy ARMAX modelTsang, Tak-yar Teddy
1999Electricity de-regulatory model for Hong KongLee, Kam-tim
2009Electricity market analysis with co-evolutionary computationZhang, Shengxiang
2010Electricity pricing based on equivalent electricity value for supporting China's power market reformWu, Yang
1999Electromagnetic field analysis of induction motors by finite element method and its application to phantom loadingFu, Wei-nong
2011Emission trading and transfer capacity impact on the electricity market operation and planningZhang, Yajing
2013Environmental and economical analysis in electricity market planning and managementLi, Xuran Ivan
1998Evaluation of probabilistic production costing simulation methodsChung, Kai-yuen
1999An expert system for generating switching sequences in distribution substationsHo, Kwok-wah
2019Exploiting the potential of wind turbines to provide frequency supportLiu, Xiaoge
2005Exploration of using fibre bragg grating technology in railway engineeringLee, Kar-yun
2015Fabrication of novel optical fibers and their sensing applicationsLiu, Zhengyong
2000Fair explicit rate indication for ABR service in ATM networksLong, Yihong
1999Fault location for overhead distribution systemPang, Yiu-ming
1999A feasibility study & engineering design of wind power in Hong KongFung, Wai-shing
1999Feasibility study and engineering design of bio-waste energy in Hong KongSudarsan, Sharma