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2000Sensorless control of induction motor using Kalman FilterNg, Fu-sang
2010Sensorless motion control of induction motorLin, Yingfeng
2007Short-term load forecast for cold-thermal storage applicationYau, Kim-ming David
1999Simulation of remote elevator monitoring systemTang, Wa-mun
2019A simulation-based study on dynamic bus holding strategies with random passenger arrivalsLian, Suran
2020Smart charging strategy of electric vehicles for grid load valley filling in low penetration stateGao, Yijie
2023Soft switching techniques for driving circuits in wireless power transfer systemsLi, Chenchen
2013Speciality polymer optical fibres for sensing applicationsPun, Chi Fung
2018Spectral sub-band synthesis using multiple independent lasers and receiver DSP for high baud-rate single-carrier Tb/s transmissionsWong, Yin Tat
1998Static var compensator design for improving large scale power system dampingCheung, Chun-keung
2019Stimulated Brillouin scattering effect in delivery fibre of high-power narrow linewidth laserTsang, Ming Yan
2020Stimulated raman dispersion spectroscopy with hollow-core fiber : from fundamental principles to applicationsBao, Haihong
2005Stochastic studies of overvoltages resulting from circuit breaker operation in industrial installationsWong, Sze-mei
2004Structured optical fibre gratings for communication and sensing applicationsZhang, A. Ping
2007Studies on lateral control and lane changing algorithms for application in autonomous vehiclesHo, Man-lung
2003Studies on map building and exploration strategies for autonomous mobile robots (AMR)Ip, Ying-leung Johnny
2020Study of hierarchical control of microgridsWen, Zihan
2012Study of optical fiber grating sensors fabricated by femtosecond laser pulsesLiao, Changrui
2014Study of optical fiber in-line sensors based on inner air cavityHu, Tianyi
2020Study of secondary control strategies of microgrids with high voltage qualityZhai, Yueting