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1998Design and analysis of high performance multicast time-multiplexed switchesChan, Man-chi
1999Design and implementation of a contractor on distributed parallel computing environmentYuen, Chi-wai
1999The design and implementation of network resources reservation in contractual environmentNg, Ho-kit Kitson
1998Digital value-stored tickets for Internet paymentLo, Chun-pong
1998Distributed power balancing in a CDMA networkWong, Sze-pong Wilson
1994A document image understanding systemKwong, Wai-chuen
2002Evaluation of defect identification algorithms for textile woven fabricsChan, Hing-wan
1998Evaluation of feature extraction methods for speaker verificationLam, Chin-lung
1998Evaluation of three algorithms used in blind equalizationChan, Cheuk-lam
1999Face recognition by eigenfaces approachLau, Tse-yim
1999Feasibility study of power line for data transmissionHo, Shu-keung
1997Image analysis using fuzzy mathematical morphology : advances and applicationsGhadiali, Muffaddal D
1997Image coding based on vector quantization in vector transform domainChan, Cheuk-fai
1994Impacts of intelligent network on communications systemsLeung, Wai-choi
1999Investigation of fingerprint analysis algorithmsSiu, Kok-kow Kenneth
1995Investigation of techniques to resolve contention in multi-processor systemsKwan, Wai-kin
1999Low profile directional antenna (Patch Antenna) for mobile phone handsetLui, Wai-kau Raymond
1997Microcells deployment and their applications with the co-existing macrocell infrastructureChan, Ying-sun
1998Model based codingChan, Tak-chiu
1997Motion pictures compressionChan, Yau-wo Michael