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2002Interactive functions in broadcast video-on-demandMa, Hon-shing
2001Interactive video-on-demand systems in multicast environmentPoon, Wing-fai Wilson
2000Interactive voice response system for creation of linguistic databaseKwan, Ka-keung
2009Interconnection of financial markets : application of network tools to study non-stationary dynamicsLiu, Xinqi
2017Internet of things : R&D of a peer-to-peer cooperative mapping and navigation systemJia, Kanghao
2022Intrinsically stretchable, transparent organic light-emitting diode enabled by fully-solution processingLu, Zhen
2000Investigation and design of single-stage single-switch power factor corrected AC/DC converterCheung, Man-chi
2022Investigation of high-performance non-fullerene organic solar cells prepared with novel nanostructuresZhang, Ying
2017Investigation of low-density parity-check codes and decodersMo, Fanlu
2000Investigation of performance sensitivity of OFDM systems to multipath fading channel parametersWong, Mei-lung
2013Investigation of spurious waves in thin-film bulk acoustic wave resonatorsYang, Wenxia
2019Investigation of the tilted fiber bragg gratingYang, Zongru
2017Investigation of tone reservation and tone injection PAPR reduction techniques for OFDM based VLC systemLi, Bowei
2020Investigation on multi-core fiber and few-mode fiber and their applications on optical fiber sensingTan, Fengze
2017Investigation on the growth and characterization of Tin Sulfide 2D thin filmsWang, Shifeng
2015Investigation on the growth of SnS thin films and the fabrication of SnS heterojunctionsWang, Wei
2018Investigation on the WS₂ thin film growth and device fabricationYu, Yang
2020Investigations of novel indoor visible light positioning schemesLiu, Zhongxu
2000Job scheduling in multiprocessor systemsLeung, Ka-keung
2018Joint image compression and encryption schemesLi, Peiya