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2006Fabrication and characterization of gallium nitride based heterojunctions etched by photoelectrochemical wet etchingGao, Jie
2010Fabrication and characterization of GaN-based light emitting diodesLeung, Ka-kuen
2012Fabrication and characterization of nano/microhole Si photovoltaic cellsZhao, Yingqi
2006Face image analysis and its applicationsXie, Xudong
2010Face recognition based on manifold learningMa, Jiahuan
2008Face tracking and verification in videoChoi, Wing-pong
2017Facial affect recognition : from feature engineering to deep learningChen, Junkai
2018Facial expression recognitionHuang, Ruoxi
2017Facial image analysis and its applications to face recognitionZhou, Huiling
2018Facial image analysis and its applications to facial expression recognitionTuran, Cigdem
2019Facial image analysis and recognition in the wildShakeel, Muhammad Saad
2009Facial image analysis for video indexing and retrievalTse, Siu-hong
2007Fast algorithms for finding steady-state solutions of switching power convertersTam, Kam-chun
2018Fast depth coding in 3D-HEVC using deep learningWang, Zhen-xiang
2022Fast HEVC to VVC SCC transcoder by configurable decision tree based intra-frame codingWang, Xiao
2016A fast scoring method for PLDA with uncertainty propagationLin, Wei-wei
2011Fast subcellular localization by extracting informative regions of protein sequences for profile alignmentWang, Wei
2005Feature and model transformation techniques for robust speaker verificationYiu, Kwok-kwong Michael
2013Feature-preserving multilevel halftoning based on threshold decompositionWong, Lai Yan
2009Feature-preserving processing techniques for color filter array imagesChung, King-hong