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2021Quality enhancement for compressed screen content video using post processing algorithms with deep learningCao, Yue
2021Quality of transmission estimation and parameter monitoring techniques for next-generation optical networksLu, Jianing
2010Raman assisted four-wave mixing in optical fiber and its applicationsWang, Shaohao
2018Random forest analysis and its applications in computer visionLi, Hailiang
2009A reading assistant system for the visually impairedXie, Zhibing
2007Real-coded genetic algorithm based variable feed-forward neural networks and their applicationsLing, Sai-ho
2005Real-time face recognition with live detectionWan, Kwok-wai
2003Real-time feedback control mechanism on packet switching networkYam, Kam-tai
2009Recomposing music with motifsYang, Can
2010Reconstruction of super-resolution image from low-resolution images using adaptive Wiener filteringZhang, Xiang
2010Relaying methods for cooperative communication networksZhou, Qingfeng
2012Reliability studies of onboard train electronic components with focus in different kinds of capacitorsZhang, Weilin
2015Research on control techniques for fuel cell power conditioning system with Low DC bus voltage rippleCao, Lingling
2018Research on driver circuit design for sustainable LED lighting systems : from low to high-power applicationsWong, Chi Shing
2021Research on high-frequency isolated bidirectional DC-DC converter for application in distributed energy storage systemsChan, Yiu Pang
2016Resource allocation and performance optimization in full-duplex MIMO/OFDMA systemsJiang, Yunxiang
2018Resource management for cloud data centersWang, Jing
2016Robust fringe projection profilometryBudianto
2023Robust phase retrieval using optimization and deep learning techniquesYe, Qiuliang
2020Robust speaker recognition using deep neural networksLin, Weiwei