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2010Raman assisted four-wave mixing in optical fiber and its applicationsWang, Shaohao
2009A reading assistant system for the visually impairedXie, Zhibing
2007Real-coded genetic algorithm based variable feed-forward neural networks and their applicationsLing, Sai-ho
2005Real-time face recognition with live detectionWan, Kwok-wai
2003Real-time feedback control mechanism on packet switching networkYam, Kam-tai
2009Recomposing music with motifsYang, Can
2010Reconstruction of super-resolution image from low-resolution images using adaptive Wiener filteringZhang, Xiang
2010Relaying methods for cooperative communication networksZhou, Qingfeng
2012Reliability studies of onboard train electronic components with focus in different kinds of capacitorsZhang, Weilin
2016Resource allocation and performance optimization in full-duplex MIMO/OFDMA systemsJiang, Yunxiang
2008Scalable transmission solutions for media streaming in heterogeneous network environmentHo, King-man
2001Scalable video and audio techniques for video conferencingFung, Kai-tat
1999Segmentation and recognition of connected handwritten digitsLu, Zhongkang
2019Semi-flocking control for mobile sensor networksYuan, Wanmai
2012Semiconductor laser diode control system based on FPGAYang, Hanwei
2005Sensor fusion for audio-visual biometric authenticationCheung, Ming-cheung
2003Shape analysis for image retrievalChoi, Wai-pak
2011Signal processing techniques for optical performance monitoring in dynamic fiber-optic networksKhan, Faisal Nadeem
2002Signal reconstruction with applications to chaos-based communicationsFeng, Jiuchao
2001Similar shape retrieval in image database systemTam, Kam-shing