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2014Bilinguals personality switch-effect on language applicationLau, Ka Ki Keith
2016Bringing the virtual classroom into the physical realm : an investigation on the good practice of mall and its application in the physical language classroomWu, Wing-cze Jacqueline
2012Call centre communication : an analysis of interpersonal meaningWan, Yau Ni
1997A case study of the effects of written feedback from the teacher as a reader on students' perception on their own writingsKwok, Pui-pui Alison
2015Choosing an appropriate pronunciation model for the ELT classroom in Hong Kong : a sociolinguistic inquiryChan, Yee Him
2017The classroom teacher-student interactions of joint construction in the tertiary contextLiu, Hoi Yan Rosanna
2000A cognitive approach to spatial metaphors in English and ChineseLan, Chun
1995Communicative language teaching : focus on the learnerChan, Nim-kin Victoria
2014A comparative analysis on evidentiality in English and Chinese journalistic textsYang, Yaxiong Sakura
2013A comparative study of a student teacher's and an experienced teacher's corrective feedback in EFL classes (in Mainland China's case)Jiang, Yue
2017A comparative study of EDB-listed textbooks (English language) for Hong Kong S3 and S5 students : from multimodal discourse perspectiveChan, Lok Hin Justin
2013A comparative study of relative clauses in Hong Kong and Singapore English : a corpus-based perspectiveChen, Zhongping Jassica
2013A comparative study of water metaphor in English and ChineseZhou, Chen
2016A comparative study on how international tennis players respond to their defeats during press conferences using the politeness theoryYim, Tsz Yan Michelle
2014A comparative study on the impact of phonological awareness on students' spelling ability of a secondary school in TianjinHuo, Yan
1995A comparison between teaching vocabulary with translation and in contextEulogio, Jo-Kwang
2014Conceptual metaphors in cosmetic advertisementsXu, Jing
2015Conceptual transfer and second language vocabulary acquisition : evidence from young adult Chinese learners of EnglishHE, Xuehong
2014Construing experience in tourism discourse : a corpus-based study of transitivity systemChen, Jiansheng
2019Construing musical discourses : axial reasoning for a contrastive description of habitual ideational resources in English and Korean, with reflection on translationMacdonald, Kathleen Anne