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2013A comparative study of water metaphor in English and ChineseZhou, Chen
2016A comparative study on how international tennis players respond to their defeats during press conferences using the politeness theoryYim, Tsz Yan Michelle
2014A comparative study on the impact of phonological awareness on students' spelling ability of a secondary school in TianjinHuo, Yan
2020A comparative study on the pronunciation features of English by Cantonese speakers and Northern Mandarin speakersGao, Zengfang
1995A comparison between teaching vocabulary with translation and in contextEulogio, Jo-Kwang
2021A comparison of Chinese and Hong Kong English second-language textbooks in relation to gender mixed-method studyLi, Haiqing Stella
2014Conceptual metaphors in cosmetic advertisementsXu, Jing
2015Conceptual transfer and second language vocabulary acquisition : evidence from young adult Chinese learners of EnglishHE, Xuehong
2014Construing experience in tourism discourse : a corpus-based study of transitivity systemChen, Jiansheng
2019Construing musical discourses : axial reasoning for a contrastive description of habitual ideational resources in English and Korean, with reflection on translationMacdonald, Kathleen Anne
2019Construing pharmaceutical research : a social semiotic perspectiveZheng, Yaofei
2020Corpus analysis of the vocabulary of the Chinese national matriculation English testFu, Fuling
2016A corpus linguistics study : metaphors in newspaper texts of the Paris attacksLam, King Chi
2016A corpus-based comparative linguistic analysis on Poe's and Doyle's detective fictionsFu, Ming Clara
2013A corpus-based study of neologisms in Harry Potter seriesZhou, Wei
2015A corpus-based study of the use of amplifying intensifiers and intensifying adjectives in online newspapersKwan, Pui Sin
2016A corpus-based study on blogs : the extended units of meaning of the common lexical items in self-initiated posts and sponsored postsTsang, Hoi Yan
2013A corpus-based study on linguistic and functional features of American sitcomYing, Qianyu
2016A corpus-driven study of speech acts in the Hong Kong corpus of spoken English (HKCSE)Seto, Wood-hung Andy
2014A critical analysis of Obama's attitude towards American bipartisan issues in weekley addressZhang, Shuo Sharon