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2014Academic vocabulary in writing by Chinese EFL learnersChang, Congcong
2014Achieving service excellence : interpersonal metafunction analysis of the staff handbook of Cathay Pacific Airways and Hong Kong Dragon AirlinesWai, Ka Ki
2014Acquisition problems with "also" in Chinese-English interlanguageSu, Pingping
2014Adaptation based-analysis of verbal humor in how I met your motherWu, Qing Qing Beryl
2014The addition and omission of the English definite article : the by ESL / EFL learners --- a qualitative SFL investigationJin, Ying Blair
2014Adversative and concessive conjunctions in Chinese EFL writing : a functional perspectiveZhang, Yan
2019Analysing Cantonese doctor-patient communication : a semantic network approachFung, Ka Chun
2016An analysis of (im)politeness strategies in complaint lettersPak, Wai-man Raymond
1996An analysis of Form 4 peer correction data of written English to identify aspects of interlanguageWong, Colin Chun-hoi
2013An analysis of news headlines from the perspective of memeticsWei, Hong
2001An analysis of requests made by Arab and Scandinavian writers in terms of politeness, request, and rhetorical strategies in written business context with English as a lingua francaNg, Yuen-ha Polly
2015The analysis of the code switching phenonmenon among overseas-returning Hong Kong peopleLuk, Wing To Bella
2001An analysis of the use of politeness strategies in letters of complaint and letters of adjustment in a Hong Kong English newspaperLau, Mei-kuen Janet
2014An analysis of thematic structure in argumentative writing of Chinese undergraduatesZheng, Xiaofan
2001An analysis on persuasive communication to influence voter's decisionsChan, Fuk-cheung
1990Applying an assessment use argument to investigate a college-level English language test in Universities in Xi'anLiu, Min
2013Applying systemic functional linguistics to Chinese poetry translationYu, Xintong Gillian
2017Appraisal use and construing fear through political speech : a case study of Donald Trump's nomination speechesZhu, Xiaoxiao
1997Attitudes to English pronunciation learning in a self-access context at the Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologyToogood, Sarah
2014Bilinguals personality switch-effect on language applicationLau, Ka Ki Keith