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2023An east meets west theory of depression : from Zang Fu to neuroscienceYe, Jiajia
1999Effect of a metatarsal stimulus on the loading response in the gait of children with hemiplegic cerebral palsyWong, Kin-on Dicky
2006Effect of acoustic pressure waves on callus innervation and fracture healingLam, Wai-ling
2006Effect of acu-TENS on acupoint stimulation on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patientsLau, Shui-lung
2009Effect of Acu-TENS on airway obstructive diseaseNgai, Pui-ching Shirley
2005Effect of Acu-TENS on recovery heart rate after treadmill running exercise in normal healthy subjectsCheung, Chin-ting
2000Effect of age and wrist positioning on repeatability of power grip strength and isokinetic performance of wrist musclesFong, Wai-kuen
1999The effect of an exercise training program on the fitness level of sedentary secondary school students in Hong KongCheung, Yuk-wa Catherine
2008The effect of an interactive computerized handwriting training program to improve Chinese handwriting of children : a pilot studyPoon, Kit-wei
2006The effect of backpack load on posture during level walking and the centre of pressure of foot during static standing in childrenTang, Pui-fun Shirley
2009Effect of Body-Weight-Support Treadmill Training (BWSTT) protocol on gait performance in children with spastic cerebral palsy (CP) : a pilot studyHo, Sui-kit Suki
2002The effect of counter force for earm brace on neuromuscular performance of wrist extensorsChan, Hiu-ling
2007The effect of dietary supplementation of antioxidants on stretch-induced muscle damageKo, Yung-ching Evelyn
1999The effect of different pattern of relaxed breathing exercises on the resting energy expenditure in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseChow, Chi-sum Cedric
2006The effect of different stimulation frequencies to transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation on mechanical and thermal pain threshold in healthy subjectsTong, Kam-cheong
2009The effect of dual cognitive task on motor sequencing in patients with Parkinson's diseaseHui, Pik-si
1999Effect of elbow position on hand grip strength development & repeatability of measurementFan, Chi-chung Andy
2012The effect of electrical stimulation on muscle disuse atrophyWan, Qing
2016Effect of electro-acupuncture and Acu-TENS during lower gastrointestinal endoscopyLeung, Wing-wa
2005Effect of electromyographic biofeedback on vastus medialis obliquus muscle strengthening program in patients with patellofemoral pain syndromeYip, Lai-ming Selina